Adam Hall Power Strip 16-kontakter


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16-veis rackmonterbar power strip.

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  • Mountable Power Strip from our 19″ PDU range
  • With two recessed, illuminated switches separately for front and rear
  • 16 socket outlets, 8 at the front and 8 at the rear, rotated 45° with separate overload protection
  • Permanently installed mounting brackets
  • With 1.4 m PVC cable and angled Schuko plug


Type: 19″ / 1 U
Number of outlets (Earthing contact / IEC 7/4): 2 x 8
Cable length: 2 m
Length heat-shrink tube: 60 mm
Cable connector: angled, Earthing contact (CEE 7/7)
Operating voltage: 250 V
Max. current: 16 A
Width: 485 mm
Height: 44 mm
Depth: 126 mm
Special feature
8 x Sockets back side, 8 x Sockets front side, Overload protection for front and rear side, Separate front and rear switches
Weight: 1,7 kg