Beamz AC-440 Softbag for 6 UPLIGHTS


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Softbag med plass til 6 x uplights fra BBP serien til Beamz.


The AC-440 Soft Case is specially designed to protect and extend the life of mobile uplights.
It fits other products and accessories as well.
Constructed of rugged black 600D polyester and nylon for maximum protection.
  • Quality protection for mobile uplights BBP94/BBP996S
  • 6 compatments to individualy store the uplight
  • Additional compartment for storing Cables and other Accessories
  • Saves valuable transport space by allowing fixtures to be stacked without having to be boxed
  • Affordable padded soft case
Brand Beamz
Dimensions: Internal 130 x 130 x 115mm per compartment, 65 x 275 x 115mm storage compartment
Dimensions (L x W x H) 540 x 330 x 150mm
Weight 0.7


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