Beamz LSS12W Høyttalerstativtrekk Hvit 120CM

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Lycra trekk til høyttaler-, eller lysstativ.


This lycra cover is designed to hide the speaker stand from 2-sides. With the specially designed 4-way stretch-to-fit fabric it easily fits any speaker stand and can be attached without the use of any extra materials. It can be illuminated from behind or inside to create powerful effects and various lighting patterns. Basically you can make your stand tripod illuminate and part of your light shows.
  • Provides a clean and professional look to your venue
  • 4-way Stretch-to-fit fabric to fit any speaker stand
  • Covers 2 sides of the stands tripod
  • Can be lit up from the back with a variety of different effects
  • Flame-retardant
Brand beamZ
Weight 0.4
Illustrasjonsbilde, stativ følger ikke med.