Beamz PRO FCBP12 Transportkasse for 6 x WBP912IP

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Transportkasse for 6 x WBP912IP eller lamper av samme dimensjon.

Designet slik at du kan lade alle lampene samtidig i flighten.

Plass til diverse ekstrautstyr.


The BeamZ FCBP9 Charging Flightcase is the perfect solution for safely transporting and charging WBP912IP battery LED Par fixtures.
This durable, rolling road case with easily handles is the perfect solution for mobile use.
When the show is over, simply connect the fixtures to the internal charging module and use the external plug to connect directly into standard wall voltage.
The next day, your fixtures are fully charged and ready to go again.
Each case holds up to 6 fixtures with enough space for all power cables.

  • Sturdy flightcase
  • Designed to fit 6 pieces WBP912IP LED Bar fixtures
  • Charge up to 6 pieces uplights via the built-in sockets with protection
  • Equipped with 2 butterfly
  • 2 Castors with brakes and 2 castors without brakes
  • Ballcorners and recessed handles
  • Hinges to hold the top cover open
  • Supplied with one mains cable
  • Provided with tailor-made solid foam on the inside
Brand beamZ Pro
Material thickness 9
Weight 15

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