Beamz RAGE 0600 Røykmaskin


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Liten røykmaskin for hjemmefester eller små events.

Fyller 65m3 per minutt.

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The Rage 600 is a compact 600W smoke machine in a strong metal housing.
Powered by a 600W heating element that delivers up to 65m³ per minute output and heats up in just 2 minutes.
The ideal choice for mobile working DJ’s and very suitable for smaller venues.
Operation with a wired (3m cable) and a wireless remote control.

  • 600W Smoke machine
  • Thermostatically controlled heater
  • 500ml Smoke fluid tank
  • Short heat-up time
  • Wireless controllable
  • Remote control with 3m cable
Brand Beamz
Heating element 600W
Heat-up time (minutes) 2
Re-Heat time (minutes) 0.5
Output volume per minute 65m³
Tank capacity 0.5l
Power consumption 2A
Power Supply 230/240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 235 x 110 x 150mm
Weight (kg) 1.5
Accessories Mounting bracket, Power Cable, Remote control

OBS! Alle røykmaskiner på renses med jevne mellomrom. Spesielt hvis den skal lagres over lengre perioder. Da slipper du at pumpen tetter seg. Vi anbefaler: Beamz Smoke Machine Cleaner.

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