DAP Audio SC-13 2 veis stereo converter


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Kjekk liten boks som konverterer ubalanserte signaler til balanserte signaler.


The SC-13 converts consumer level stereo RCA signals to balanced XLR professional line level, and back. One side of the unit, labeLED 1, has two XLR inputs and stereo RCA outputs. The other side, labeLED 2, has stereo RCA inputs and two XLR outputs. Each side has stereo level controls. A possible application of the SC-13 is to use it as a level control in balanced audio lines. By adding a pair of jumpers between the four RCA jacks (connecting ins to outs), the two level controls can be inserted into a balanced XLR line.

Max. Out:
Balanced: +18 dB
Unbalanced: +12 dB
Max. In:
Balanced: +22 dB
Unbalanced: +22 dB
Noise Floor: -88 dB
THD: 0.003%
Gain: +4 In: -8 dB
-10 In: +20 dB
Dimensions: 143 x 93 x 45 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0,527 kg