Elation Light Shaping Filter 30°


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Gjør din led par om til en fargevasker med dette 30° filteret.
Light Shaping Filters from Elation are easy-to-use poly carbonate sheets which can be cut to size to fit over any LED fixture and transmit up to 92% of the light, shaping it to the desired effect you want. You can smooth or widen out any LED Panel or Par while also improving the field of color or turn you LED Par can into a wall washer. Each sheet measures 510 x 609 mm. If outfitting a 10cm LED par can, for example, 30 filters could be cut from a 510 x 609 mm sheet, making the cost per fixture even more affordable.
– Effective Angular Output (light source angle) + (LSF angle)
– Temperature Range 30°C to 100°C @ 240 hrs or -40°C to 500°C
– Humidity >95% ± 5% RH @ 24 hrs
– Transmission Efficiency Circular: 0.2° to 20° = 90% 20° to 80° = 85% / Elliptical: = 85%
– Transmission 400nm to 1600nm
– Spectral Range or 200nm to 1500nm
– Brightness Uniformity =85%
– Size: 510mm x 609mm