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Stereo headphone amplifier

  • 6 separate headphone amplifiers, each with 1 level control and 1 signal/clip LED as well as main/solo switching
  • 1 input (solo) per amplifier, switchable to common main input (main)
  • Main input with low/high selector switch for matching the input signal
  • Inputs: solo (stereo) 6 x 6.3 mm jack, main (stereo) 2 x 6.3 mm jack, 2 x RCA L/R
  • Outputs: headphones (stereo) 6 x 6.3 mm jack
    Model: PPA-100/SW


Tekniske data
Description headphone amplifier
Frequency range 5-30,000 Hz
Control range
Control frequencies
Input signal 250 mV/50 kΩ (solo)250 mV/50 kΩ (main low)

2.2 V/60 kΩ (main high)

Input sensitivity
Input impedance
Output signal 2 x 16 mW/8 Ω2 x 45 mW/32 Ω

2 x 75 mW/600 Ω

Output impedance
Phantom power
Gate ratio
Crossover frequency
High-pass filter
Low cut
Transmission ratio
S/N ratio > 60 dB
Channel separation 50 dB
THD 0.02%
Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
Power supply ∿ 230 V/50 Hz/11 VA
Dimensions 482 x 44 x 185 mm, 1 RS
Weight 2.3 kg
Inputs 2 x RCA L/R (main),2 x 6.3 mm jack (main),

6 x 6.3 mm jack (solo)

Outputs 6 x 6.3 mm jack (headphones)
Other features