KGEAR GPXA Powered Array System


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GPXA is our top of the line high performance active system and comprises of 2×18” powered subwoofer combined with GH412, our 4×12” passive coaxial slim array with K-array™ SAT® (Slim Array Technology), PAT® (Pure Array Technology) and a stainless steel cabinet.

With its built-in 4x1500W RMS amplifier, this system can drive a GPX passive system in a stereo configuration. It features Powersoft™ DSP and power module, controlled via ethernet with Armonia™ control software.

Thanks to its extreme performance and the compact format of the array, this system works in a stack configuration, with the array on top of the subwoofer. It is also possible to fly GH412 with our G-FLY flybar accessory, or place it on the ground with our G-BASE accessory.

Perfect for high SPL outdoor/indoor applications in large venues both for rental and permanent installations for touring, auditoriums, stadia, clubs, theme parks.

User Tip: optimize the cost and combine the system with the passive model whether it is for stereo configurations or if need to extend the satellite cluster to form an array.

Tech specs


Power Handling: 1500W subwoofer + 750W satellite
Peak Power: 3000W subwoofer + 1500W satellite
Impedance: 4Ω subwoofer + 8Ω satellite
Frequency Range: 30Hz – 20KHz (-6dB average)
Maximum SPL(1): 140dB (peak)
Continuos SPL: 128dB
Coverage: V.30° – H.90°


Subwoofer: 2×18” ferrite magnet
Mid High Frequency: 4×12” coaxial with 1” compression driver ferrite magnet 


Analog balanced I: 2 x Combo jack-XLR female line
Analog power O: 1 x Speakon to drive a GPX Passive System in a stereo configuration 


Volume potentiometer | RJ45 connector | DSP can be remotely controlled via an Ethernet connection for control through Powersoft ArmoniaPlus Software 


Type: 4-channel Class-D audio amplifier
Power: 4x1500W @4ohm
AC input: 100-240V AC @50-60Hz
Max power consumption: 500W Rated Load (1/8 Max Output Power)
Protections: Thermal Protections (Power limiting – Thermal Shutdown), Short-circuit/overload output protections, stationary high frequency protection, peak limiter, RMS limiter, frequency dependent RMS limiter, Clip limiter



Width: 1035mm (40,75in)
Height: 614mm (24,17in)
Depth: 600mm (23,6in)
Weight: 59kg (130,07lbs)
Material: birch plywood
Rating: IP41


Width: 327mm (12,87in)
Height: 1290mm (50,79in)
Depth: 198mm (7,79in)
Weight: 55,2kg (121,69lbs)
Material: stainless steel
Rating: IP54

GPINM20: M20 pin (included)
K-SPKCABLE2: 2m/6,6ft Speakon sub to satellite cable (included)
GH-BASE: Floor stacking hardware for GH12/GH412 (optional)
GH-JOINT: Adjustable stacking hardware for GH12/GH412 (optional)