K&M 17515 Gitarstativ


Ikke på lager, tilgjengelig som restordre


5 guitar stand “Guardian 5”.

  • Multi-guitar stand to protectively hold 5 acoustic guitars, electric guitars or electric bass guitars
  • Flexible protective bars to prevent the guitar from twisting and unintentional knocks when placing or taking it from the stand
  • Translucent elastomer support elements are suitable for any guitar lacquer (including nitro lacquer). Thus, no discolouration from the stand to the guitar
  • Guitars can be held from either side (right or left)
  • Integrated pick holder
  • Space-saving design
  • Can conveniently be carried due to folding mechanism
  • Tekniske data
    Description stand
    Suitable for 5 acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric bass guitars
    Features folding
    Material plastic
    Colour black with translucent elements
    Max. load/centr. weight concentr.
    Mounting flange
    Mounting plate
    Mounting thread
    VESA standard
    Tube diameter
    Adjustable height
    Storage dimensions
    Dimensions 996 x 67 x 173 mm
    Weight 4.6 kg