Monacor SOUND 10″ subwoofer


Ikke på lager, tilgjengelig som restordre


Super subwoofer til hjemmebruk!

10″ element, 120W forsterker, flere tilkoblingsmuligheter.

  • With the 2-way Active Systems and the Subwoofers of the SOUND Series,
    efficient speakers with a powerful sound are available in different sizes and with different features. They are all integrated into high-quality bass-reflex MDF cabinets and feature speakers with magnetic shielding. The speaker systems are ideally suited as active hi-fi speaker systems, high-end PC speakers and for small PA applications requiring a powerful sound, e.g. media presentations.
    Active subwoofer system, 120 W

    • Active subwoofer for adding to the active SOUND speaker systems, but also to any other compact speaker for hi-fi or home cinema applications and home recordings
    • Amplifier features variable input sensitivity, a phase switch, an automatic switch-on system which can additionally be activated as well as an adjustable crossover frequency (50-150 Hz)
    • High-quality bass-reflex MDF cabinet (black wood veneer look)
    • 25 cm (10″) bass speaker
    • Volume control for the subwoofer
    • Inputs via 1 x RCA L/R, RCA LFE or screw terminals for high-level L/R
    • Additional outputs for mid-high range speakers, thus well-suited for connection to already existing speaker cables
      Model: SOUND-100SUB
  • Tekniske data
    Active/passive active
    Transmission method
    Total output power
    Power rating (RMS) 120 W
    Total power rating
    Power rating (RMS)
    Frequency range 35-100 Hz
    S/N ratio
    Input signal 150 mV/24 kΩ (RCA L/R)55 mV/16 kΩ (RCA mono)

    2.3 V/440 Ω (high IN)

    Full range speaker
    Bass speaker 25 cm (10″) bass speaker
    Midrange speaker
    Number of speakers 1
    Speaker size 25 cm (10″)
    Sensitivity 88 dB/W/m
    Max. rated SPL 108 dB
    Radiation angle, horizontal
    Radiation angle, vertical
    Housing material wood
    Colour black
    Mounting device
    Protected against ball rebound
    Protection class
    Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
    Power supply ∿ 230 V/50 Hz/240 VA
    Dimensions 330 x 360 x 360 mm
    Width 330 mm
    Height 360 mm
    Depth 360 mm
    Weight 13 kg
    Inputs 1 x RCA (L/R), unbal., IN1 x RCA (mono), unbal., IN

    1 x screw terminal (stereo), high-level IN

    Outputs 1 x screw terminals (stereo), high-level out
    Replacement voice coil
    Other features