Monacor LA-040 Komplett teleslynge pakke


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Komplett teleslyngepakke til rom på opp til 40kvm.


Active loop amplifier with dynamic compressor, specifically for setting up an inductive sound reproduction system in domestic locations (up to 40 m2).

The loop amplifier LA-40 transmits the audio signals from a TV, audio system and/or microphone to the induction loop which is laid on the floor, the wall or along the ceiling.

Thus, a magnetic field is created within the loop which is received by the T-coil of the hearing aid or the inductive receiver and is then converted again into an audio signal.

Wireless transmission is an advantage of inductive sound reproduction systems.

It makes it possible for the user to move freely within the loop and to adjust the volume of the hearing aid or receiving unit (LR-200) as desired, without disturbing the other occupants.

The LA-40 can be connected directly to the SCART jack of a TV (via supplied SCART adapter) or to an audio system. Talks of the other occupants can be heard via the connection of a microphone which is available at option.

The integrated signal generator of the LA-40 allows to create an alarm signal via an optional switch.


  • Supplied with 35 m loop wire for setting up an induction loop, SCART adapter, power supply
  • Integrated alarm signal can be activated as required
  • Dynamic compressor
  • Adjustable input sensitivity for line and microphone
  • 2-way tone control
  • Adjustable loop current
  • LEDs for indicating power, signal/PEAK and loop current
  • Headphone connection on the front panel
  • Built-in phantom power for electret microphones
  • Suitable microphone ECM-300LA is available at option
  • Tekniske data
    Loop current 2.8 A
    Loop resistance 0.4-2 Ω
    Room size ? 40 m2
    Inputs mic: 2 mV/660 Ω(phantom power: 7.2 V)

    6.3 mm jack

    line: 48 mV/11 kΩ, 2 x RCA

    alarm: 2 terminals

    for connecting a switch

    Outputs loop: connection of the supplied loopvia 2 terminals

    headphones: ? 32 Ω, 3.5 mm jack

    Equalizer bass ± 8 dB, 100 Hz
    Equalizer treble ± 10 dB, 10 kHz
    Frequency range 75-7,500 Hz, ±3 dB
    THD 0.44%
    Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
    Power supply via encl. power supply
    Dimensions 175 x 102 x 45 mm
    Weight 510 g