Nektar Impact LX Mini

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Genial alt-i-ett boks for det kompakte studioet!


Impact LX Mini is an expressive mini-keybed with 25 velocity-sensitive keys, a joystick for pitch bend & modulation as well as a sustain pedal footswitch socket. Impact LX Mini is universally compatible with any MIDI music software on Mac OS, Windows, iOS (requires optional Apple camera kit) or Linux (with a MIDI extension).


LX Mini has been designed for real-time performance, with a top panel that delivers quick and easy access: Mode buttons ensure that controlling arpeggiator parameters, plugin settings or internal MIDI assignments are always just one button press away. Dedicated buttons for octave shift, Part 2, a full-featured transport section, 8 hyper-sensitive LED drum pads and 8 pots plus a large volume knob make it fun to literally take control. Most controls, including the joystick’s up/down axes, footswitch, pads, knobs and transport buttons are also MIDI-assignable for even more options.


LX Mini comes bundled with Bitwig 8-Track DAW software. This turns Impact LX Mini into a complete and very affordable entry-level solution. The also included ‘Bitwig Essentials’ content package, featuring hand-picked loops and samples as well as over 50 software instruments and effects, gets users going right away.


Part 2 is a unique performance feature for momentary setup changes: While playing, press one of the dedicated «Part 2» buttons to momentarily shift the octave up or down, transpose, layer another octave on top, switch to another MIDI channel altogether – or any combination of these features.

The instant you let go of the buttons, Impact LX Mini reverts back to its original settings. What’s more, any note that was played prior to pressing «Part 2» will keep playing at the original settings – so you could play and hold some really low bass notes, while playing a solo over the top. You’d like to latch your setting? Simply press the second Part 2 button while still holding the first. Part 2 will help you play in new ways, not even possible on larger keyboards!




-Works with any MIDI music software on Windows, OS X and iOS* as well as Linux (requires installation of JACK and ALSA)

– 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys

– 4 velocity curves (soft, default, hard 1, hard 2) and 3 fixed values

– Joystick for pitch bend and 2 modulation controls (MIDI assignable)

– Joystick features MIDI assignable push-button

– Footswitch jack 1/8″ (MIDI and Part 2 assignable, adapter to 1/4″ jack included)

– Octave up/down buttons with LED indicators

– Part 2 up/down buttons with LED indicators: Assignable to momentary octave shift, transpose, layering MIDI notes and switching MIDI channel (Latch option also available)

– Keyboard Transpose via Shift + Part 2 buttons

– 8 velocity-sensitive LED Pads (4 pad maps)

– 8 pots ( x2 via Page Button, functionality changes according to mode)

– Volume pot with LED settings indication

– 7 transport buttons for DAW integration or MIDI assignable

– ‘Shift’ button activates secondary level for a total of 14 accessible button functions (+3rd level for another 7 functions with Nektar DAW integration)

– Nektar DAW integration support

– USB class compliant and USB powered (no driver required)

– Dimensions & Weight: 39 cm (L) x 18,5 cm (D) x 3,8 cm (H), 1 kgs

Mini keys: 25
Pads: 8
44,5 x 24 x 7,5 mm
1 kg

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