Nektar Panorama T4


Ikke på lager, men kan restbestilles


49 tangenters controller keyboard med mange muligheter!

Pads, hold funksjon, aftertouch, note repeat, lcd display, programmerbare knapper og fadere , +++



Panorama T4 & T6 are the first controllers to deliver Nektar-level instrument plugin control in any VST/AU compatible DAW. Load patches directly from the keyboard and start controlling parameters immediately, with every change instantly visible on the LED display. Control any instrument plugin with one of the many included maps or customize and create your own. Discover new performance tools like the powerful chord, hold and note repeat functions. Tweak repeat parameters, plugin parameters and record it all in your DAW. Panorama T4 & T6 connect to most DAWs delivering track navigation, mixer and transport control with either Nektar DAW integration or MCU compatibility. Experience the unsurpassed integration of  Panorama T4 and T6!


– 49 or 61 note 2nd Gen synth-action keyboard with aftertouch.

– Expression & pedal sockets.

– 8 super-sensitive pads with pressure.

– Chord: Trigger up to 6 notes from one key or pad.

– Hold: Holds played notes until deactivated – great with legato.



– Inspiring performance tool

– Real-time control of trigger rate, accent, swing and gate.

– Separate settings for keys and pads.

– Switch on/off at any time with dedicated repeat buttons.

– Sync to external clock.

– Control velocity with pressure or wheels



– Loads in any VST/VST3/AU host DAW for instant access to Nektar plugin control.

– Customize mapping or create plugin maps from scratch.

– Browse patches directly from Panorama T4/T6

– Layer up to 8 VST/VST3/AU plugins with Panorama mix control of volume, pan, mute, solo and select.



– Nektar DAW integration for Bitwig, Cubase, GarageBand, Logic, Nuendo, Reason and Reaper.

– MCU compatible for control of almost any other VST/AU DAW.



You hardly notice it, but it’s there. Nektarine is discreet and doesn’t impose itself on you or your DAW. But behind it lies a powerhouse of features that enhance control and library management of instrument plugins.


Launch Nektarine and it will immediately communicate with your Panorama T4/T6. Now you are ready to take deep control of VST, VST3 or AU plugins from Panorama: Load an instrument plugin that’s supported by Nektarine’s default plugin maps and create new and exciting sounds that you didn’t even know your plugin was capable of. Turning knobs is so much more fun than mousing around. The display will tell you which parameter is assigned to each control as well as status feedback.


The LED buttons below the faders are set up for navigation so it’s quick and easy to find your way around even complex plugins.  Each button is labeled with a common control page name such as OSC, Filter, Env, LFO and FX. As soon as you press a button, the corresponding Nektarine factory map page is selected. The LED buttons can be «learned» to any map page so you can set up each map exactly how you want it.



Nektarine and MCU DAW control create a powerful system. Our Nektar DAW Integration software takes the system integration even further: This custom software is especially created for each of the supported DAWs and will provide you with a common workflow that gives access to expanded transport and mixer functions as well as control of your DAW’s own instruments. It’s the most complete DAW control system available, even compared with products in higher price brackets. Panorama T-series’ DAW integration currently supports Bitwig, Cubase, Garageband, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper and Reason.



– Extended transport control with Goto Left locator, Set L and Set R locators, Undo, Click and Record Arm.

– Mixer mode with display feedback, track listing, volume, pan and sends control.

– Control of Smart/Quick Control in Logic and Cubase/Nuendo.

– Dedicated maps for DAW’s own included instruments

– Basic mapping of plugins not hosted in Nektarine, offering 2 encoder pages and one fader control page.

– Grab/learn parameters – take control of any parameter on the active instrument immediately.

– Automatically detects and manages communication with Nektarine when inserted on a track.

– Automation write/read activation.


Mac, Win
820 x 277 x 80 mm
6,4 kg

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