Power Dynamics CX108 DMX Terminator 5 pin


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5 pin dmx terminator.


The CX Terminator plugs are designed to be connected to the last device in a daisy chain (DMX) to eliminate reflected signal noise that can confuse the operation of the lighting fixtures.

The terminator has a 120 Ohm resistor what absorbs the DMX signal that can accumulate over a long series of fixtures.

The ideal solution to avoid interference of DMX programming.

  • Terminates DMX Cable Runs
  • Prevents DMX bounce-back
  • 5-Pin XLR
  • 120 Ohm resistor
  • Metal housing
Brand PD
Plug A 5-pin XLR (M)
Outer diameter 20mm
Impedance 120 Ohm
Weight 0.03