Power Dynamics – Komplett rack med høyttalere, forsterker, mikser, mediaspiller og trådløse mikrofoner (Demo)



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Komplett pakke med 12 kanals lydmikser, 2 stk trådløse mikrofoner, medieavspiller, forsterker, høyttalere og kabler!

Helt perfekt for den som vil ha et kompakt og lettrigget system til en god pris.

En drøm for bl.a. til skoler, firmaer, bedrifter eller utleiefirmaer.

Ferdig montert, bare å koble til høyttalerene, så er du i gang!

Systemet er ikke brukt, kun montert opp for test i vårt lokale.

Leveres med 12 mnd. garanti.

Dette følger med i pakken:

1 x DAP 10U – Rackskap med hjul og avtagbare lokk
1 x Power Dynamics PDM-S1203 – 12 kanals mikser
1 x Power Dynamics PDC35 – Multimediaspiller som leser cd, usb og sd
1 x Power Dynamics PD632H – Trådløst mikrofonsystem med 2 håndholdte mikrofoner
1 x Power Dynamics PDD-1100 Forsterker
2 x Power Dynamics PD415P Høyttalere
2 x Power Dynamics Høyttalertrekk
1 x Vonyx LS01 Høyttalerstativer i bag
1 x Cayman Rackskuff til mikrofoner og annet tilbehør
1 x Monacor rackmonterbar strømskinne med 8 kontakter
1 x Monacor Rackpanel
4 x XLR kabler
2 x Overgangskabler (Til medieavspiller og eventuell pad/tlf)


Mikser: The professional PDM-S1203 12-channel stage mixer is a product in a series of high-quality stage mixers. Equipped with a DSP effects processor, USB in / output for easy connection with computer for music recording, stereo 9-band equalizer, etc.
Each channel has a 3-band tone control available (in stereo mode a 4-band) and a rotary knob to adjust the crossover frequency.
The high level of pre-amps ensure that the sound quality is maintained and that the sound is dynamically produced optimally.
Other useful features are available to create a perfect mix.
This stage mixer is ideal for mobile applications, even when used intensively. Very suitable for a.o. bands, on stages and in studios.

  • MP3 recording/playing via USB port
  • +48V phantom power
  • Stereo 9-band EQ
  • MP3 digital display
  • Mute switch each channel
  • 99 DSP effects
  • Karaoke reduce noise function
  • 3-Band EQ each channel
  • Supplied with 19″ brackets

Multimediaspiller: A 19″ user friendly digital, compact, 1U high media player / recorder with dual USB ports and an SD and CD slot.
Designed for many applications where a.o. a stable sound is required.
The recording function and other functions such as Cue and Pitch, «+10» and Program, Single Repeat and Folder, etc, makes the media player to a perfect unit for use in discos, bars, cafes, clubs, at home etc.

  • 19″ Digital media player/recorder
  • 2x USB port, CD and SD slots
  • Delete and Repeat function
  • «+10 Track» button for fast track selection
  • Folder and Single function
  • 128kbps MP3 Record
  • 1U MP3 player
  • RCA outputs (A / B/ Mix)
  • Headphone output with level control
  • ID3 tag
Trådløse mikrofoner: The Power Dynamics PD632H is a powerful 2x 20-Channel UHF wireless system that delivers superior audio transmission, with clarity and definition.
The receiver is equipped with a dynamic LCD display, volume control and balanced XLR output.
  • 2x Handheld microphone with mute function
  • 2x 20 Selectable UHF channels
  • IR data transmission for channel selection
  • 2x balanced XLR outputs and a single mix unbalanced 6.3mm output
  • CPU controlled
  • PLL oscillator
  • Transmitters with display showing the frequency and battery low indication
  • Equipped with dynamic LCD
  • Supplied in aluminium carrying case
  • Suitable for 19 «rack (supplied brackets)

Forsterker: This 2x550W RMS amplifier out of the PDD series is a milestone on digital amplifiers by adopting the Class D technology.
Cost can compare with Class A/B amplifiers but the power, reliability and efficiency are much higher and better than switching mode amplifiers.
They are your ideal devices in all kinds of pro-audio field use even public use.
It also symbolizes the trend of the professional amplifiers future.
Due to the low weight and the 1U format this amplifier is very easy to transport and saves space!

  • High Power, outstanding quality and reliability
  • Stereo/mono and bridge mode operation
  • 2 Ohm stable
  • Peak level LEDs
  • Balanced XLR inputs
  • NL-4 speaker outputs
  • High efficient and reliable switching power supply with power factor correction (PFC) technology
  • Soft start , clip limiter, power limiter, thermal cut, DC, AC, short-circuit protection
  • Innovative aluminium heatsink
  • Upgraded cooling fan with magnetic suspension technology and low noise
Høyttalere: The PD4 series is a high-end speaker made for great performance.
This series has been designed in a polypropylene construction both to handle the power and still lightweight enough for mobile use.
The perfect speaker for any DJ or live-performer but also suitable for monitor use or club installation.
  • 1400W Passive 2-way 15″ speaker
  • 1.3″ Dynamic driver
  • Built-in 2-way passive crossover
  • Angled design for use as stage monitor
  • 35mm socket for tripod or pole-mounting



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