Snow Frost Beam Hybrid 250



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Kraftig moving head fra Snow med beam effekt. 250W LED, zoom 3-35 grader, +++


The Frost Beam Hybrid is a no-nonsense, high output beam/spot effect that utilises a 250W white LED coupled together with a 180mm aperture lens giving you crisp mid-air FX and strong beams.

Unlike other beams on the market however you avoid the typical «hot-spot» effect due to a much higher spot evenness compared with traditional discharge bulbs typically used for beam fixtures.

Add in a zoom system with a range spanning from 3-35 degrees,1 color wheel, 2 gobo wheels; static and rotating, 5 facet prism and what you are left with is a uniquely versatile fixture that weighs in at only 17kg. Control is managed through both 3-and 5-pin DMX with support for RDM and built in W-DMX from Wireless Solution in Sweden.

1 x 250W Osram Ostar white
Powercon I/O, 3&5 Pin DMX/RDM
User friendly interface
3-35 degree zoom
Universal power supply

Technical specifications:

Light output:

Lux @ 15m 16600
LED type 1 x 250W Osram Ostar
LED color white
Drive current 4A
Refresh rate: Selectable 1200MHz-25.000Hz
Power 100~240VAC…50/60Hz
Power consumption: 350W Max
Control signal type: DMX/RDM/W-DMX
Number of DMX channels 18(Standard),16(Basic)


•Beam angle, 3-35°
•Rotating Gobo: 8 gobos + white, gobo-flow effect, gobo-shake, bi-directional rotation
•Static gobo: 12 gobos + white, gobo-flow effect, gobo shake
•Colorwheel: 7 dichroic-filters + white, rainbow-flow effect
•Prism: 1 x 5-facet w/bi-directional rotation, speed adjustable
•Focus: motorised linear focus
•Zoom: motorized linear focus:


•355 x 250 x 609 mm
•Weight 17 kg
•Housing material: Flame retardant plastic
•Color: Black


•DMX: 3 & 5 pin in/out
•Power: Powercon true 1 in/out
•Forced convection cooling
•Operating temperature: 0 – +45 grader Celsius
•Ingress protection IP20, dry location

•Certification: CE, MET