Vonyx MRF30 Refleksjonsfilter


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Genialt refleksjonsfilter som gjør at du får dempet lydrefleksjoner når du spiller inn tale/sang.


The MRF30 isolation filter has been specifically designed to stop echoes and reduce room reflections to filter out additional acoustic noise during recording.
Using a durable metal frame finished with thick foam insulation panels, the MRF30 guarantees perfect, flat, dry voice recording, while the fully sealed back provides sonic protection.
The filter can be mounted on a standard microphone stand or used directly on a table or desk.
Whether in a home studio or a rehearsal studio, for podcasts or broadcasting, the MRF30 reflection filter is designed to provide a portable solution for the best acoustics set-up.

  • Compact microphone isolation solution
  • Easy to use – Easy to set up
  • 5-Panel perforated metal screen
  • Adjustable side panels for varied isolation
  • Pyramidal Acoustic Foam Front
  • Absorbs unwanted room noise & reflections
  • For mounting on a microphone stand or use as a table stand
Brand Vonyx
Material Metal
Dimensions: Internal 590 x 290 x 40mm
Dimensions: Folded 160 x 148 x 290mm
Weight 1.2


Illustrasjonsbilde, mikrofon og stativ følger ikke med.

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